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( Dec. 29th, 2015 10:37 pm)
So this year, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] columbina, I got seriously into the electroswing. There'll be a bit more later, but for now, try a couple groups I stumbled across.

First up, American swing/jazz by a German band. As one does. (I'm not entirely sure why this one falls into the "electro" side of things, but whatever.)

This one, I entirely get the whole "electro" part. Also, mostly, it's just fun! The video has been put together from, I think, one older Negro cinema film -- I wish I knew which one. (I thought about linking their "Bad Boy Good Man" video, which is also fun, and has been put together from different, somewhat more recognizable, films, and contains a few snippets of the Nicholas Brothers' spectacular dancing. However, this one also contains 100% less of Fred Astaire in blackface, and this is just as much fun, so. Another European band, as well; I think an American group would probably not have used the Astaire footage.)

And, to close out, old-school swing indeed. Bet you didn't know this song was about 70 years old, did you? According to the note under the video: "Buddy Johnson and His Orchestra featuring Ella Johnson, 1946. Ella Johnson (1919-2004) was the first to record this future standard, composed in 1945 by her brother Buddy."


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