Just because I have been in the mood for seriously radio-friendly stuff sung by women, in which they tell off men in their lives. Just because. Only a couple here at the moment, but there may be more later. Also, there's comments after each one.

Weird thing about this one. Every time I heard it -- every single time -- at the end, I'd think, "But ... what if she IS your mama? Your real mama? What happens then?"

Turns out there's an answer to that question. And it is AWESOME. (...OK, to be fair, it's the answer to an entirely different question. Still awesome, though.)

(I will admit, the thought occurred to me because MY actual mama made sure that I knew how to do laundry and cook and clean and all that domestic stuff and then -- with the exception of most, but not all, meals, stopped doing it all for me when I was fourteen. Her rationale was that she did not want me being a burden on anyone that I was in a relationship with, and she didn't want me doing what my uncle did, which was to get serially involved with various women to do stuff for him because he didn't know how, and panicked. If I didn't do laundry, I didn't have clothes. If I didn't cook on my designated days, nobody ate.)

This next one is just a lyric video, just because it's the only version with the full song (provided by the production company, as it were).

I do, in fact, highly recommend taking a look at the scene as it was staged on the show, because it's also kind of awesome. The setup, as I understand it, is that the main character and her sister felt cornered into going out on a date with these two obnoxious guys (you'll know which ones, trust me, even though they don't say a word), so they took them to a teen-friendly karaoke place and Let Them Have It. In Public.

The song below is far far far FAR too short (only 50 seconds) and contains very UnWorkSafe language. F-bombs are dropped about five words in, and then they fly fast and furious.

I want a WHOLE SONG OF THIS SO BAD! Like, at least another three minutes worth, and maybe more.

It's worth noting that Brandy's latest release is also (a) awesome, and (b) mostly as far in the opposite direction from the above, attitudinally, as it's possible to get and still stay on the same planet. Also, she has clearly drunk of the Fountain of Youth, or else has her own version of Dorian Gray's portrait.

Honestly, nothing to say about that one. I just like it.

Ditto. Although I wish there was a less dance-oriented version, oddly enough.

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