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([personal profile] iainpj Dec. 27th, 2015 09:25 pm)
I will admit to an unexpected fondness for Gin Wigmore. I suspect a chunk of the country got kind of jaded by her "Don't Stop" which got used for a Target commercial, and the part of the country that didn't get too much of that probably got quite enough of the "Man like that" Heineken/Skyfall commercial.

All that said, I still like her quite a lot.

There are two different videos of the same song linked below. In this case, the video actually matters. Note the phrasing: they are exactly the same recording, but not remotely the same video. For reasons which utterly escape me, they decided to tell a more or less continuous story with the same song but different videos. It works, kind of, but it is a bit confusing. Without the context of the first, the second reads even more strange than it is.

Written in the Water: Live However

Written in the Water: Die Regardless

And, just for the hell of it, something more fun:
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