That was possibly the x-filesest x-file that ever xfiled. And a surprising amount of fun, if you ignore the whole thing with, what, seven, eight, nine dead people.

Started with a nice little callback to "War of the Coprophages" and "Quagmire" with Stoner Dude and Dudette, who appear to have spent the past 20 years being high. Not getting high, being high.

(After this be spoilers! So there be Cut text! Unless you're doing this via RSS, in which case, this is your last chance to run away.)

I loved the part where Mulder took both sides of the argument for and against the existence of the weremonster with Scully. Truly a sign that he'd started pulling himself out of the malaise he'd started the episode with. Like she says, that's how we like our Mulder.

I really do wonder if the peeping tom innkeeper told Mulder that he'd been watching him in his fire-engine red briefs, though. (I thought Mulder used to be a boxers guy? Though I will admit that boxers could have been problematic from that angle. But my, that was a bulgealicious view. So to speak.)

The psychiatrist did seem to massively violate doctor/patient confidentiality with Mulder, there. Though I'm not sure I disagree that Mulder might be in need of an antipsychotic or two.

Also, I love the idea that the humaniform lizard was actualy ... a lizard, and he was bitten by a human and has to become a human during daylight, and the moon turns him into himself. He's a werehuman. Because of course he is. (Why, one wonders, would a werehuman who had been one for less than a week know anything at all about the First Folio? But apparently, that's just the way things work. Maybe he saw something on television in between the porn.)

I have to admit, the one thing about XF that will always remain evergreen is Mulder's befuddlement when confronted with something weirder than he is.

A serial killer animal control officer. Well, why not.

And Mulder's ringtone for Scully is the show theme tune. Because of course it is, even though -- especially because it not only makes no sense, it pretty much makes anti-sense.

I did love that Guy transformed while holding Mulder's hand. That was weirdly ... sweet? Is that the right word? Weird, anyway.

Also, I would like the ability to BS my way through anything.

I'm not sure it was good, but it was definitely fun.

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I've just binge-watched the last three episodes, and this on is one of the best in the history of the series. All the things you said, plus did you catch the shout out to Darrin McGavin's Kolchak costume in what Guy was wearing? I think the Three Wishes episode remains my favorite, but this may be No. 2.

It's also hard to believe they went from something as good as this to the trite bigotry of Babylon two episodes later (though I admit I enjoyed the subversiveness of the Pieta image for the Islamofascist terrorist and his mother in the boat).

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