Yes ... yes, that would do it, I suppose.

Hey, either one works!

What on earth are they PLAYING?

I'd heard that there was going to be a sequel. It looks like Analecto manages to capture that same realistic/Rockwell vibe of the original without being particularly derivative of Alex Ross' style. Also looks like the story starts near the end of the original Marvels. (I wonder if this is what's got Busiek to leave Superman, and what's kept Astro City: Dark Age from moving very fast. He said in the latter that the story of the Dark Age was originally what he meant to happen in Marvels 2.)
For a brief moment, I hoped that it would be a very light week. Then I realized that I'd completely skipped the trade section. Ah, well.

- Atomic Robo Dogs of War 3 (an almost indecent amount of fun)
- Doctor Who Forgotten 2 (shouldn't that be Forgotten #3)
- Dynamo 5 #17
- Fables #77
- Grant Morrisons Doctor Who 1
- Greatest Hits 2
- Robin 179 (maybe. probably not, though.)
- Superman and Batman Vs Vampires and Werewolves 1 (I really don't quite know what to think about this. Tragically, it probably won't maintain the level of awesome found in "Jesus Hates Zombies and Lincoln Hates Werewolves", but one makes do.)

And the expensive stuff:

- Crossing Midnight Vol. 3 Sword in the Soul TP
- Ex Machina Vol. 7 Ex Cathedra TP
- Nightmare Inspector, volume 4 (strangely, it kind of grows on you)
Well ... not a dreadful week, expense wise, but not precisely cheap, either.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #18 (Season Eight)(Variant Georges Jeanty Cover), $2.99

Detective Comics #848 (Batman R.I.P.), $2.99 (Of course, it's not RIP, it's Hush, but whatever floats DC's boat.)

Fables #75, $4.99; and what a blurb! "Have you ever read those new-comics blurbs that promise things like, 'After this issue nothing will ever be the same again,' but you know in a few months none of those so-called big events will have mattered? Well, this isn't one of those times. This time when we say FABLES will never be the same again after this issue, that's a promise you can take to the bank. So, without further ado: After this issue of FABLES, nothing will ever be the same again. Oh, and someone dies."

House Of Mystery #5, $2.99

Manhunter #34, $2.99

Nightwing #148 (Batman R.I.P.), $2.99 (...we'll see. The alleged RIP tie-ins are suffering badly by being spectacularly out of sequence with RIP itself, or not being actually connected at all. Presumably the Nightwing title is going to get around to noticing that Dick's been in Arkham for the past four months -- though I think it's only been one or two days of story time.)

Love & Rockets New Stories #1, $14.99 (Yaay!)

Angel After The Fall #12 (Regular Cover A), $3.99

Galaxy Quest Global Warning #2, $3.99

The Roberts #1 (of 2), $5.99 (OK, in all seriousness: why would you not simply do this as a single graphic novel? As a 1 of 2 from Image, a company with a strong reputation for collecting its titles, even sampling sales of the first issue will likely be a bit depressed. And that's before you factor in the actual story: "The Boston Strangler and the Zodiac Killer are alive and well, living amongst the old and dying of The Shady Lane Retirement Center. Surrounded by bingo tournaments and tea times, these two notorious serial killers quietly trade 'war stories' about their golden years, two seemingly parallel pasts filled with violence and victims.")

Immortal Iron Fist TP Vol 02 Cities Of Heaven, $17.99 (Whee!)
Well, after two weeks of relatively small pain comes another week that brings the big pain.

Contract #2 (of 3), $2.99 (...maybe. Although, come to think of it, I never saw #1 -- the zero issue, yes, but not #1 -- so maybe not.)

Manga Shakespeare Julius Caesar GN, $9.95
Manga Shakespeare Macbeth GN, $9.95 (...OK, probably not, but the concept...)

Terry Moores Echo TP Vol 01 Moon Lake, $15.95 (probably)

Doktor Sleepless #8 (resolicited), $3.99

Foundation TP, $15.99

Fear Agent TP Vol 04 Hatchet Job, $14.95

Family Dynamic #1 (of 3), $2.25 (originally solicited as a six issue mini, so either that's an error, or the run was shortened prior to publication)

Jack Of Fables #25, $2.99 (something odd happening here; published in consecutive weeks, and it didn't seem like last week's issue was late)

Madame Xanadu #3, $2.99 (last chance, I think; either drop to trade or just plain drop after this)

Fallen Angel IDW #29, $3.99

Surreal Adventures Of Edgar Allan Poo GN Vol 02, $12.99

Immortal Iron Fist TP Vol 02 Cities Of Heaven (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution), $17.99

Plus Previews itself.

I'm probably going to let some of that stuff slide for now, because, seriously, OW. $65 in trades alone?
Looks like this week will be slightly better after last week's mountain of fiscal pain.

Angel After the Fall 9

Anna Mercury 2

B.P.R.D.: The Ectoplasmic Man, one-shot (...maybe. Since I normally get this in collections, it's hard to say.)

Casey Blue Beyond Tomorrow #2 (of 6) (Maybe; if so, it's the last one I'll get before the trade. I like it; I'd just prefer it all in one.)

Gemini 2 (I hope they can rescue the concept in this issue. The end of the first issue illustrates, in a nicely graphic and bloody way, why it would be simply a dreadful idea in the first place, and I can't figure out why you'd want a hero who had no idea that he was one.)

Kill All Parents #1 (looks terribly demented)

Project Kalki #2 (of 4) - drop to trade

Trinity #3 - probably the last one, not because I'm not enjoying it OK, but because ... well, I kind of see the point that someone had when they said that the pure problem of Trinity is that it's going in splendid isolation. It would probably be a good introduction to Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman for an outside reader, without the long continuity trail that their own titles have. By contrast, if you read their own titles, Trinity sits entirely outside continuity, and as currently constituted, seems designed neither to affect nor reflect anything else going on. Since all three characters are deeply connected to the season's crise du jour, it makes Trinity feel entirely unnecessary. It needn't work that way -- see also: All-Star Superman, All-Star Batman and Robin -- but it can -- see also: Superman Confidential, Batman Confidential, Gotham Underground, etc. In any event, I suspect this story will work better as a collection anyway.

Wasteland #18
In random news, I'm getting seriously tempted to write an article on the world views of the DC and Marvel superhero universes, as illustrated by the musical Sweet Charity. It would be very very bad, but it'd certainly be different.

Detective Comics #845 (Batman RIP tie-in)

Manhunter #31 (...and suddenly a hidden choir starts bellowing the "Ode to Joy". I really really REALLY don't want to buy this in single issues, but on the other hand, I'd really really really like them to keep publishing it, so I guess I'm stuck.)

Nightwing #145 (Batman RIP tie-in, maybe)

Robin Spoiler Special #1 (well, after that last Robin, there ought to be a special, oughtn't there? Surprised there wasn't more fuss in various weblogs, though.)

Trinity #1, $2.99

House of Mystery #2

Brit #6

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #15 (in which Giant Dawn rampages across Tokyo, I think.)

Contract #0 (...I have no idea what that is, but we'll see.)

Devi #20 (more fighting!)

Negative Burn #19

Rogue Angel Teller of Tales #4 (I really like this series. Couldn't quite explain why, and it's gotten me to buy the omnibus of the first three fiction books of the series.)

Salem #1 (...Maybe. I liked issue 0 -- which, in the nature of these things lately, was the sort of plot-and-character-heavy issue that means if you read issue 1 without having seen issue 0, you're probably going to be lost.)

Scream Queen #1 (...maybe. Probably.)

Complete Next Men vol. 1 (...maybe.)

Tales from the Starlight Drive In TPB, $19.99 (...maybe)

Wormwood Calamari Rising (...possibly. Probably. I have a weakness for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and a story with a prologue that ends, "And the horsemen did look upon the earth, and see much in the way of entertainment, hookers and blow. And it was good.")

And, in closing...

Well, not a dreadfully expensive week this time around.

Burn #1 (of 6), $0.99 (Hey, for a buck, why not?)

Jim Butchers Dresden Files Welcome To The Jungle #2 (of 4), $3.99 (...maybe?)

Casey Blue Beyond Tomorrow #1 (of 6), $2.99

Batman And The Outsiders #7, $2.99 (Batman RIP)

DC Wildstorm Dreamwar #2 (of 6), $2.99 (... I so don't care. Not even a little. I am one with the not caring. Why should I care about a series that's not only out of continuity in both universes, but where I don't have the foggiest idea who any of the Wildstormers are?)

Robin #174, $2.99 (Batman RIP)

Bomb Queen V #1 (of 6), $3.50 (... well, probably not.)

Madame Mirage #6, $2.99 (well, FINALLY. It's a bit late, is what I'm saying.)

Pilot Season Twilight Guardian, $3.99

Resurrection #5, $3.50

Caliber #2 (of 5), $2.99 (...maybe?)

Hercules #2 (of 5), $2.99 (no. really, just ... no.)

Project Kalki #1 (of 4), $2.99

1001 Arabian Nights Adventures Of Sinbad #1, $2.99

No trades! Not one! Huzzah!
Light, but not inexpensive. Still, interesting overall.

- Serenity Better Days #3 (of 3), $2.99

- Batman #676, $2.99:
The first of the BATMAN RIP storyline. I have to admit, I'm not at all sure how long I'm going to stick with it. According to the roadmap published in last week's Detective, it's going to cover five issues of Batman (FIVE MONTHS!), four of Detective, three each of Nightwing and Robin, and two of Batman and the Outsiders. Curiously, "Birds of Prey" isn't involved at all, as they were also absent from the "Resurrection of Ra's al-Ghul" crossover. Are the Birds no longer in the Gotham/Bludhaven area? I suppose that Barbara could be involved through one of the other titles, but having her not be involved at all would be terribly odd. And, of course, we'll see the color and size of Jezebel Jet's dueling refrigerators.

- Checkmate TP Vol 3 The Fall Of The Wall, $14.99

- Simon Dark #8, $2.99 (because I love Gotham Central, even if I have to deal with a Frankenstein monster pastiche to get there)

- Starman Omnibus HC Vol 01, $49.99 (...oh, the pain, the financial pain. And no, probably not getting it right away.)

- Wonder Woman #20, $2.99

- Young Liars #3, $2.99: probably dropping this one, but we'll see

- Project Superpowers #3 (of 7), $2.99: and that's the first that I've seen that this was meant as a limited series. I wonder if that's just the first story arc, or if something's actually changed, or if I just missed the original statement of it being a limited series.

- Casanova #14, $1.99

- Death Grub (One Shot), $2.99

- Firebreather Series #1, $2.99 (...maybe.)

- Soleil Sky Doll #1 (of 3), $5.99

- Rex GN, $9.95 (containing the last 30 pages of this title. Which I'm pretty sure I want to know what happens, but it's definitely going to be very very grim.)

- Algebraist TP, $14.95 (...maybe. There seems to be a certain amount of confusion as to exactly what this is.)

This is also going to be the first time that my Previews orders are going to kick in. Have to admit, I'm slightly afeared of that.

See, what happened was this: for about ... oh, call it two months in a row, every single week, I'd come in to ye olde comics shoppe and ask, "Oh, did you get X comic from Ape/Oni/Image/Boom/some other small company?" And every month, the answer would be, "No, we didn't think there'd be any interest," or "No, we never even heard of that one." Added to that, every week for a couple months, I'd come in and ask, "So, do you have Y comic?" and they'd say, "No, we only ordered a few copies and they sold out right away." And so, after a couple straight months of this, I was begged -- importuned, even -- to become one of the shop's subscribers, with an actual pull list and a monthly subscription to Previews, and to use the BIG order form.

Now, for those who don't know what it is: Previews is the big catalog o' stuff that direct comics retailers order their stock from. Not just comics, but related magazines, toys ... you know, "stuff". Previews itself is several hundred pages long. The big order form alone (also known as the consumer order form) is generally about 40 pages long, and also serves as a partial index to the catalog. You'd think they'd want to move to an online/automated system if only to keep from doing in several million trees per month, but since Previews itself is also one vast advertising circular ... well, not so much interest in doing away with the catalog proper, thus explaining the staggeringly useless website, from the consumer side at least. I mean, you can download the order forms, if you lose them, but it would be far more convenient to actually be able to create an order form; if nothing else, something much like The Comic List's Printable Checklist would be immensely useful. After all, somewhere behind that monster catalog stands an actual database that Previews uses to generate the order form. (The idea of that being done entirely manually, in this day and age, doesn't bear thinking about.) DC, Marvel, and the naughty comix for grownups each have their own independent Previews magazine -- DC and Marvel's catalogs are each about the size of a double- or triple-comics issue, and the adult is just this pore poor pitiful thing, with all the vageeners and peepees all pixellated out, but with breastuses poppin' out all over! But I digress. Anyway, the idea, so I gathered, was not only to get me to stop asking, "So, did you get this?" but also apparently to have me be a sort of bellwether for indie stuff, things that other indie minded people might like if they knew the stuff even existed.

And well ... I kind of went slightly mad the first couple months with Previews. Ignored DC and Marvel, because they order the full run of those anyway -- except for Vertigo and Wildstorm, and I think I ordered exactly one Vertigo title -- ignored Virgin and IDW, again because they get everything from those publishers, and loaded up on all sorts of small press stuff. See, though, thing is, they're not only using this as a gauge of demand, it's also a firm(ish) order form. And the first two months, I just ordered with wild abandon, because I forgot that it was a firm orders form. Third month, I was gently reminded, and I added up the total for everything I wanted in the latest Previews, and I swallowed my tongue, and then, after several spelunking expeditions marched down my throat and pulled it back out again, I crossed a few (dozen) items off the list. So from July forward, it'll be more manageable, but May and June will be ... interestingly painful, financially speaking.
At least last week was light, for me. Doesn't look like this week will be, although that depends on what sells out, and whether or not I remember to look for it.

- DC Wildstorm Dream War #1 (of 6), $2.99 (...maybe. Probably not, though. I really couldn't care less about the Justice League finding itself accidentally in the Wildstorm Universe, in a title that looks to be non-continuity for both universes. On the other hand, watching the sometimes excessively ethical Superman fighting against the sometimes ethics-free Midnighter could be vastly entertaining, in an amazingly gory sort of way.)
- Dorothea Vol 01, $12.99 (looks interesting, if weird. And also apparently mislisted for this week, when it comes out next week.)
- Faker TP, $14.99
- Suicide Squad Raise The Flag #8 (Of 8), $2.99 (Because this title is awesome like an awesome thing, and I want to see just what the Wall is going to do once she gets control of this situation)
- Crawl Space Xxxombies #4, $2.99 (Porno zombies can be fun! who knew?)(OK, probably not, but it really is a weirdly fun read.)
- Johnny Delgado Is Dead #1 (Of 2), $3.99 (...OK, look. I get that people publish miniseries, in defiance of sanity and economic viability and all that. But a two-issue mini? Really? Why not just publish the first issue as a tease and then go straight to the big book a couple months later? Or better yet, skip the single issue altogether? Two issues is just silly. And this comes from one of the few people who actually bought [and thoroughly enjoyed, one should say] both issues of Meltdown, only to have the collection appear a couple months later. I don't regret it, but it was a powerful object lesson in waiting for the trade for short-run miniseries.)

- Badger Saves The World 5, $3.50 (Not that I'm complaining, but didn't issue 4 just come out maybe two, three weeks ago?)
- Captain Action #0 (...yeah ... yeah, I just don't think so. Dan Dare fills all my nostalgia needs at the moment.)
- Doctor Who 3 (this series is actually more fun than I thought it would be. For the moment, I'm skipping the "Doctor Who Classics" individual issues; those really do reflect the series' serial organization, and ending an old-style Doctor Who adventure in mid-action is, not surprisingly, just as annoying as it was in the old serial.)
- Jim Butchers Dresden Files 1 (Because it looks like fun. Tragically, the character design doesn't look much like Paul Blackthorne, but one makes do.)(...What? What? Hey, I just like the guy, OK? Plus, since he's the only one I've seen, it's sort of what Harry looks like in my head. Man does have the most ... INteresting fans, though.)
- Pigeons from Hell #1 (...maybe. Looks interesting.)

- Perhapanauts #1, $3.50 (I thought this came out more than a month ago. Resolicited, maybe? If so, cool! I love this series, and missed issue 1, which sold out at my store.)
- Sword #7, $2.99
- Wonderlost #2, $5.99 (...maybe.)

- Powers Annual 2008, $4.95 (only about eight or nine months late, I think. Probably not, though, unless there's a chance it won't make it into the next collection. Said collection having been advance-solicited for this August, I wouldn't expect to see it before December or so, and even that is dependent on there being another 2-3 issues published before then.)

- Damned Prodigal Sons #1 (Of 3), $3.50 (I might pick this one up to see what the story looks like. More likely that I'll give it a pass until the collection comes out, since I already know that I like the way the writer handles the story.)

- Econauts One Shot, $6.99
- Sadhu TP Vol 02 Silent Ones (resolicited), $14.99 (...possibly. Probably not, though. In the first volume, the Sadhu struck me as a uncommon stupid hero; not because he was written badly -- I actually thought he was written fairly well, for the most part -- he was just written to be headstrong and periodically stupid. We know that eventually, he grows a few brain cells, because we know where he winds up, but I don't especially care to watch him get there.)
CRIMINAL 2 #2 (...maybe. I can't figure out if I care enough about the extra materials to keep getting this in pamphlet form, or I'm content to wait for the trade again. After all, I was perfectly happy to wait for the trade when I didn't know the extras even existed.)
DEVI #18
DOCK WALLOPER #3 (OF 5) (drop to trade)
FX #2 (OF 6) (drop, period)
LOCKE & KEY #3 (...maybe.)
NUMBER OF THE BEAST #1 (OF 6) (Oh, dear god, NO.)
SERENITY BETTER DAYS #2 (OF 3) (...maybe.)
SUBURBAN GLAMOUR #4 (OF 4) (dropped to trade with issue 2)
TERRY MOORES ECHO #2 (maybe one more, then dropping to digest trade, which should be out in 2010 or thereabouts.)
YOUNG LIARS #2 (... maybe.)

ANOTHER DIRT SANDWICH GN (... er, no, but it looks nice)
GHOST SONATA TP (...maybe.)
HALL OF BEST KNOWLEDGE SC (honestly, really not sure. Looks interesting, though.)
JESSICA FARM GN (...well, that's crtainly a different approach)
JESUS HATES ZOMBIES GN (him and me both)
WHATEVER GN (I have not the foggiest idea what this is.)


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