I cannot describe how true this is, of late.

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( Feb. 23rd, 2012 12:56 pm)
All I can say is, I believe that someone somewhere either misunderstood or is possibly misrepresenting exactly what men are supposed to display to achieve large numbers of beads. Lifting your shirt would not do it, is all I'm saying. No matter how spectacular the man's nipplage would be in 30-degree weather.

No comment. Whatsoever. No. None.

From what I remember from babysitting my cousins at this age, the answer is 7,864. If you're lucky.

I really don't understand why someone would subject themselves to that twice. But then, I didn't understand why anyone would do that the first time, either.

On the one hand, this looks absolutely fascinating, in a kind of horrifying way. On the other hand, really really REALLY don't want to read more of it.

And now, for random moments of utter confusion:

- of all the things to make theatrical releases of, this seems like a strikingly terrible idea. Even as a period piece. Even with Downey attached. Not that it will be a bad film, just a bad idea. (I'm guessing Downey is pursuing it as a possible change of pace. All that action/adventuring is hard on the middle-aged bod, you know?)

- And now for something completely different and unrelated, and fairly annoying withall:

To somewhat misquote another person: it's very difficult to carry off that "'Rocky Horror' Meets 'Cabaret' Meets 'All My Children' Meets 'Swing Kids/International Sweethearts of Rhythm' Meets 'Twin Peaks'" vibe. (The visual references in this are really bizarrely specific. And utterly meaningless to anyone under, say 35 or so.)

And honestly, my impressions were more or less: (1) they need to get rid of that electronic stuff and replace it with real instruments, because the only times listening to this isn't actively annoying are when the real instruments are playing or the electronic stuff is very muted, and, (2) why isn't Gloria Estefan actually singing in this? I mean, granted, the song is structured with a really limited melodic range, and clearly on purpose. But she really can sing, and to stick her in this songspiel thing just comes off as strange. The only time she gets to really sing is during what would be the bridge sections, if this song had a chorus or key change, which it doesn't really. (A chorus that consists entirely of "It's time for hoochie-koochie" absolutely does NOT count.)
You know, I love this comic -- I mean, I love the thing as a whole, and I particularly like today's strip, which has a nice, dementedly sick sense of humor -- but every time I see the title of the strip, I get earwormed by this song... (Also, I have no idea who the "Green" referred to in the comic is.)

No ... no, this is NOT good strategy. On the other hand, it describes the first few years of my employment at a particular place to a T. Also, it's likely to lead to Desmond getting either disciplined or annexed. Or both.

It's going to be interesting to see how this character can be all of those archetypes at once. Especially since all of the rest contradict the first one.

One does wonder, especially once he started to get A Reputation ... what would it have been like to be a starship captain coming after Kirk and his Kirkly Kirkliness? (Come to think of it, it'll be worse for people following the rebooted Kirk. Imagine: as his first act, not even as a captain, he and his crew saved Earth, and possibly the entire federation. What does he do as an encore? [We'll find out next year.] And how do you follow that?)
OK, before you do anything else, YOU MUST WATCH THIS! (I would embed, but embedding isn't allowed for this.) Watch it for two things: the entrance about 50 seconds or so in, and the part where she gets flung across the stage near the end and how she lands. And remember: this is a drag queen, so certain anatomical considerations ought to apply.

Most terrifying nurse EVER. And that includes Nurse Ratchett.

It's not that I don't understand the whole self-defenestration thing, under the circumstances. I just don't get why Andy isn't wearing any pants.

"Um ... Oh", indeed.

Interesting viewpoint.

Apart from the whole devil issue, men watching "My Little Pony" is actually a ... a thing. They call themselves "bronies." You don't have to just take my word for it, neither; we got yer audio proof right'cheer!
The Histories of Bucky and Jason Todd Explained [Comic] ... honestly, I can't argue with that conclusion. Though it is arguable whether 'tis better to be a brainwashed assassin responsible for the deaths of many who gets shocked back to sanity and then knows what he's done and has to deal, or a seriously cheesed off "anti-hero" responsible for the deaths of hundreds who knows exactly what he's doing at all points and does it anyway. (...OK, more than a hundred, anyway; Jason Todd just killed over a hundred admittedly very nasty criminals in Blackgate Prison a couple issues ago in "Batman and Robin". Granted that nobody not related to them will mourn them, this is still putting Jason into the company of the Joker and Firefly, in terms of being a really prolific mass murderer in the DCU. And for his sins, he gets to head up a new comic!)

"There is a reason that so many horrible things happen in Gotham". (Not a comic.) And let me just say: SQUEEEEEEE! Not just because this title is finally appearing, not just because both Williams and Amy Reeder Hadley make some seriously gorgeous art (I miss her Madame Xanadu), but because they're using a version of La Llorona for the first story arc! You probably have to have been brought up in Mexico or the Southwest US to really get it, but ... well, I was. So, you know. SQUEEEEE!

"Obama's Evolving Position". The first of this week's strips on the topic. Evolution proceeds impressively.

Another on the same topic, only with fewer reptiles.

(In all fairness, there's also this:
Justice Department strongly backs gays on marriage (San Francisco Chronicle, sfgate.com)
Bob Egelko, Chronicle Staff Writer
Thursday, July 7, 2011

The latest San Francisco court filing on same-sex marriage reads like a gay rights manifesto: It rejects tradition, morals and procreation as justifications for marriage restrictions and concludes that a federal ban on spousal benefits was unconstitutionally based on "animus" - dislike, rooted in prejudice - toward gays and lesbians.

The brief comes not from Lambda Legal or the American Civil Liberties Union but the Obama administration's Justice Department - which, like the president himself, may be tiptoeing toward a wholehearted endorsement of same-sex marriage rights. [...]

-- The law "was motivated in substantial part by animus toward gays and lesbians and their intimate relationship," and rested on "stereotype-based thinking" that offends the constitutional guarantee of equality, the Justice Department wrote.
-- Even sincere moral or religious disapproval of homosexuality "is not a legitimate policy objective" or basis for a law.
-- Laws that penalize or prohibit same-sex marriage do not encourage heterosexual marriage, procreation or responsible child-rearing, but instead deny children of same-sex couples "the benefits of the stable home life produced by legally recognized marriage."
-- Proposition 8, the 2008 California initiative banning same-sex marriage, was an example of a "political backlash" demonstrating the relative powerlessness of gays and lesbians - a critical factor in judicial review of all such laws. [...]

I would not, myself, argue that our president is tiptoeing toward any endorsement of same-sex marriage rights. In fact, I would argue that he's tying himself into rhetorical knots to avoid doing any such thing, while also trying to avoid alienating gay and lesbian voters. At the same time, it looks like his administration, between trying to get rid of DADT and its newly articulated position on DOMA, is advancing a surprisingly coherent view of civil rights. Having his personal position appear to be so very different from his administration's position seems very strange sometimes, even allowing that he's doing this because he has to govern people who think very differently about the issue. But I digress. Back to comics!

You can sort of understand why she might think that way. What with all the ducking out on dates and everything.

Yes. Yes, it IS.

That would be probably the most unusual description of Austin, TX, I've ever seen.

Strangely enough, some days, web development works exactly like this.

Well ... you can't argue with the endpoint, some days.

"The Prince and the Sea: a romance." And a fairy tale in the folktale mold. Which means that things will not be quite what you expect.

What. The. HELL! is he thinking!? (Yes, there are two strips after this one, and SHE does the right thing, but I honestly can't understand why he would think that was even necessary.)

And in conclusion, just because of today's title:

The Gutters continues a run of ... interesting commentary on the DCnU. (Also, how is it that everyone seems to have simultaneously and independently decided that the "n" for "new" should be lower-case in that acronym?)

It would be really fascinating if this was what DC was going to do with Stephanie Brown. Granted, savagely out of character, but at least she'd still be around.

Could have lived all my life without one, tell you that much. (Was actually the dog and not a human that got the blast, but it's not like we didn't have to endure it anyway.)

Huh. Mimosas. who knew?

Regarding that first frame: Yes. Yes, he IS.

What an ... interesting thing to celebrate. (Also, pretty sure this isn't a sign of anything besides living in a city.)

...Well, that can't be good.
I get that earlier times were more care-free and innocent (because, you know, world wars are always carefree and innocent when they're not utterly horrifying) ... but these are still some of the gayest ads I've ever seen in my life.

...He has a point. A very weird and strange point, but he has one, nonetheless.

So apparently the interesting and wondrous videos and photos that PETA likes to show outside restaurants are all Linda's fault. So now we all know who to blame!

Somehow, I do not think this would work out quite the way he thinks.

Not just "fruity muffin fluff" but soggy, sticky fruity muffin fluff. (...Actually, that last item might keep them from falling apart, depending on how much you put in. Wouldn't keep them from being soggy or sticky, though.)

The gastronomic death cults would be a problem, but on the other hand, the aftermath of volcanic eruptions would become much easier to handle!
Or possibly, Everything Old Is New Again.

Time time time - So, not that this has any relevance to this link or anything, but: when I went into Sears recently to replace a battery in my wrist watch (turned out the watch was just plain dead), I had a few minutes to look at the wares they were offering, because the watch repair place was also where they kept the timepieces. And timepieces they did have, too! Wall clocks, desk clocks, alarum clocks, atomic versions of all of the above ... and not one watch. NOT ONE. Apparently, the cell phone has made a huge difference in how people keep time. And why not? You usually have it, you don't have to set it. You just keep it in your pocket or purse or backpack ... just like our grandparents and great-grandparents did with their pocket and pendant watches. (In fact, if you could put a cell phone on a chain, it might be easier to keep track of. And maybe serve as an antenna as well!)

I'm pretty sure that most adult men don't bend that way.

I had totally forgotten that she had an actual degree in the subject. It's been so long since she even tried to do anything with it. (Also, I'm guessing the dominatrix stuff paid better until recently. I suppose kink gets less affordable in a recession.)

... Well, that's different.

I would just like to note that, interesting as it is (and it is, very), this reboot concept almost as intriguing as this reboot concept. There's just something about full-on batshit insanity that works, somehow. Then again, there's something about tiger-induced super-powered multiple superhero personalities, too.

... You know, that is a very good question. And so is that.
Fear the power of veggie dip! FEAR IT! (And just in case: a bit of context here and here)

You know, most people don't react like this to the memory of soda. Or even actual soda.

Ah, yes ... memory?

Sadly, in my admittedly quite limited experience, there's some truth to that last panel.

Who knew the effects of a one man band could be so dramatic? (Click on the comic in the page to expand.) Also, Albion: 1849 (video and audio at Youtube) is awesome ... though perhaps only immediately understandable for people of a certain age. This might be helpful.

Everybody loves Joan! Seriously, AMC should maybe purchase the rights for several of those illustrations, and use them as teasers here and there whenever the next season gets scheduled. (NB: Periscope also loves Janelle Monae.

Not a webcomic, but: at the rate this project is going -- or rather, not going, as far as can be told by the general public -- it could be non-ironically called "Batwoman: Turn On The Dark", with a second cancellation and unscheduled-as-yet re-re-resolicitation. Of course, it didn't cost $65 million and counting to produce, and there don't seem to be any major injuries or OSHA fines involved, but the constant rescheduling of the opening does seem very familiar... Given that DC was teasing the title in recent issues, whatever happened -- and DC is so far resolutely not saying; I hope that nobody has had any personal misfortune to cause this -- seems to have been very abrupt. Pity; the Williams/Stewart artwork for issue 1 was freakin' gorgeous. The question is going to be, how many times can DC promise and solicit and cancel and resolicit before the readership decides they just don't care, and they'll get it if and when they see it. The collection of Manhunter backups from "Batman: Streets of Gotham" was cancelled due to low pre-orders; how much will it take before the same thing happens to this title? (And in related nonwebcomics news: "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" delayed again by Taymor exit and book rewrite.)
Well ... it depends on the librarian.

I'm guessing they somehow accidentally packed the cat. Even though they almost forgot the cat. Or the cat packed itself. (...What? It's a box! Cats always pack themselves in boxes! They're irresistable!)

Regarding this ... one can but point to some relatively recent research on the topic.

Have I ever mentioned that I once had a very young cat that had previously been given to a two year old girl as a pet? Yeah ... enough of this sort of thing (minus either foreclaws or the ability to speak) and you wind up with one thoroughly traumatized cat, let me tell you.

So ... it's going to be ruinously overbudget with an incoherent book and dull score, then.
Porn is pretty much the exception to every web design principle. (By the by, that link is actually a completely worksafe page. Not even any naughty language.) Seriously, if you have something people want, they will come to the site for it, no matter how fugly the thing is. And many porn sites are utterly, absolutely, hideously designed -- some on purpose. (Er ... not that I would know about that through experience, of course.) (Also, what on earth is an "action action scene"? Does that mean that the positions are more acrobatic? What? Inquiring minds want to know!)

I'm kind of astonished that DC consented to this, actually.

My, that's sneaky.

I point out, purely for the sake of argument, that The Situation is not, properly speaking, considered an actor.

This ... does not look like it will end well.

His eyes may be the least of his problems.

Although in this case, the eyes option does seem to be the least painful.

By the by, there really is a "Penfield homunculus" area in the brain. Webcomics can be educational! (Three pages, click on the comic to move forward.)

For what it's worth: at my last two workplaces, I've been re-org'd/rebranded a total of seven or eight times (I lose track) so this feels very true in some ways.

You know, I've actually wondered if the iPad 3G can do phone, or if it can only use it as a data carrier. (Don't actually care enough to find out -- it's not like I'm going to buy one right now. Although "Fruit Ninja" is almost enough to seduce one into the insanity...)

...Oh, that's just not right. (Except for the cartoonist note below, which is kind of weirdly awesome.)

...Well, that's different. (10 pages, click on each page to move forward. Worth it for the ending. Sort of.)

Not unless he's talking about laws that explain/amplify other laws, it's not.

Well, yes, a sweater made from that might be a tad uncomfortable.

And this would probably be the prototypical superhero thought pattern. Which explains why cities with superheroes are so unsafe for everyone else.

You know ... it's not that this somewhat exceedingly lengthy story arc hasn't been interesting. But, speaking as a member and a client of the peoples in question ... I have not even once understood what Seth is trying to do. Why does he care that Edda's uncle is gay and closeted (and alarmingly fertile)? Why would he want to blow up the guy's life like this? An actual motive for this arrogance (and Seth's own partner, as well as Edda's uncle, have called him on that) would be a nice thing to see, you know?

Yes ... yes, revenge-gay WOULD be the solution to all the world's problems! (Not actually a comic. No, I'm not going to explain; just follow all the tweets and eventually it will work itself out.)

Somehow, I thought this one would involve a Volkswagon Beetle.

Oh, Antarctic Press ... Why? WHY? Have we not suffered enough already?

Blame Canada! Blame Canada!

And in closing a little something for the Bostonians.
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( Jan. 6th, 2011 12:22 pm)
Yes ... yes, they WOULD.

So I'm guessing that perhaps... just perhaps ... he might be running out of content.

Yes ... yes, that is reason enough. (Click the image to enlarge.)

Judging from Doonesbury and from Nothing is Forgotten, January is a bad month for parents. And, in a different way, for their children. (In both strips, the link is to the first in a sequence.)
I think you can take it as read that these will not be the traditionally wholesome holiday links, right? Right. Oh, and at least one is Not Safe For Work, Children, Small Furry Animals, Or Other Sentient Beings.

What a ... cheery holiday tale!

Really, it's not Christmas without heat-seeking missiles, is it? (for NSFW context: start here and go forward for the next 17 strips [and counting, but they read fast])

All I have to say is that if my true love had given me the Day 11 gift, then after Day 11, there'd be one fewer "true love" in the world.

Well, it could be ONE interpretation of the Spirit of Christmas, couldn't it?

And you would not BELIEVE how old you need to be to get the title to today's entry!

But ... wouldn't the Gingerbread Man be easy to beat? I mean, a well placed chomp or two -- or a squirt of milk, or even water -- and he's history. (But seldom has losing looked so tasty!)

Best proposal acceptance EVER. (Short background: they just found out their previous marriage was ... invalid, let's say.)

You know they would if they could.

...Well, what else would he call it?
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( Nov. 30th, 2010 03:50 pm)
So, a little something to make Crotchgate 2007 and 2008 pale into insignificance, then (Seriously, if the fanboys had fits over Alex Ross drawing vaguely realistic sized crotches on men fully dressed head to toe in spandex, imagine the collective fits they'll have over THIS! And, for those who are wondering what on earth I'm talking about, a small bit of historical background)

...That actually WOULD be kind of awesome.

You almost wonder if he has a point...

Don't you just love invitations delivered with extreme prejudice?

That last bit there? Actually sounds kind of painful, if you think about it.

Pretty sure that last event listed has already occurred. It's only the presence of desperately ill people with microwaves that has prevented the results from taking over the world.

And in conclusion, now for something completely different:

Hey, you have to admit, "different" it most certainly is. By the by, if you were wondering, Cosmo Jarvis, the writer/singer of the above, would appear to be mostly straight. "Mostly" because in a recent interview, he said that if he had one day to live, he would "have sex at least once depending on the time I had with a woman and transexual man." Which is an interesting and quite unusual answer.
I am impressed. It's not often that you can see a strip that goes there twice within the space of three frames. (Er ... a teensy bit of context might be helpful, here and there.)

Somehow, I knew as soon as I saw the first frame where this page was going. That's probably the only scene from the original film where the narration frequently gets quoted almost in its entirety. (Which, if you think about it, is freakin' weird.)

Yep, he went there, all right.

Pretty sure this story left "there" weeks ago, but just in case it didn't...

Well ... I suppose it could be fantasy fodder, at that. Though I can't imagine it would often involve a violently yellow Beetle. (Click on the thumbnail for the full sized comic.)
I'm pretty sure this is against both Illinois law AND the Geneva Conventions.

Pretty sure this is a DC in-joke. Also, I would like to submit that we now audit our voter rolls, and no more than 25% of the people who vote in Chicago elections are actually dead at the time, and the percentage is dropping with each election! (Also, depending on timing, it's possible to be dead and cast a perfectly valid vote, but the ways in which that can happen are so restricted as to be terribly rare.)

Be afraid. Be very very afraid.

You know ... with parents like that, chances are better than even that he'd actually be naked and not fur-and-leather clad. Which would certainly make things more interesting up in the air.

...THIS is exercise?

Well. that was ... unexpected. (Click on the comic to move forward to the next panels.)

Yes ... yes, we ARE exciting, aren't we?
All I need is someone with the right fingerprints...

I ... really don't think having one of these talk would be helpful, exactly.

Man, this takes me back to the days of auld...

Hey, someone found a purpose for New Coke. (Granted, a somewhat anachronistic purpose.)

Not a web comic, but may I just say: EEEEUUUUWWWW! Some things are just wrong!

And in conclusion: It's actually not the fact that he managed to get the Machine on national television -- although that's pretty impressive. It's not that, despite the fact that this is clearly planned, Jay Leno still manages to be thoroughly nonplussed by the whole thing.

No, honestly, it's the thing with the shoes. The fact that he calculated so very carefully just the right way to completely piss off the MLB hierarchy while still remaining barely within the letter of the rules. You have to appreciate someone like that.

Though the beard thing is a little weird. Seriously, I wonder if that actually works?

In which we betray our gender – GABBY'S PLAYHOUSE

Yes ... Yes, that would be a little weird.

You know, I'm not entirely sure doing it that way counts...

Hey, a comic about the Fountain of ... OK, that's different.

What an ... unusual place to put speakers.

Interesting philosophy

I wonder if that peculiar situation will actually create an outpouring of similarly themed videos. It's the sort of thing they do, after all.

Isn't that last one pretty much every modern werewolf movie ever? (Well, except for possibly the one coming up this week on SyFy. Everyone feels the need to make her kind of ... murderous, these days.)

And in conclusion: OK, first, I have no great fondness for baseball. Now that the Cubs and Phillies are no longer bad enough to have two-day long 25-inning extravaganzas that end with nailbitingly low scores like 23-21 or 18-17 and that add three or four runs per game to the staff ERA, it's just plain boring most of the time. That said ... I kind of think it might be interesting to meet Brian Wilson of the Giants; he certainly doesn't seem boring. If nothing else, puffiest mohawk ever. (Interesting bit about 40 or so seconds into the clip. The reporter is ... nonplussed, to put it mildly. I really hope the Machine makes another appearance.)

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