And, because it's the last night of the year, no rules apply. (Not that they were being well observed anyway.)

So, basically, this is just how I feel about the year overall, not anything about something specific.

First, we begin with what I would like to say to the year, if it were possible to say anything to a year. Only the first part really applies, but if I could convince the Old Year to personify itself and stand dumbfounded on a corner, I might see if I could do a bit of free lyric adaptation.)

Oddly enough, this is the only version of the song that's done with any pace; all of the Broadway versions are much slower -- maybe because they all had notably older leads. (Babs may have been too young by 40 years when she did this, but as has been noted elsewhere, seldom has the role been so well sung.) I wish the movie scene were online, but I suppose having an officially sanctioned Youtube recording will have to suffice.

And, sadly, the leitmotif remains as it has been for some time. I do wish I could go more than a couple years without this returning to its unfortunately hallowed position -- and have it not sign on for multi-year runs ... but then, there are worse things that one could say. As the person who does this particular version might well say, were she in a position to do so. (In other words, changing it up a tiny bit for this year. As are the lyrics; apparently this is one of the songs that Sondheim allows to be updated because it depends on the references being dated but not THAT dated. Either that, or he allowed them to be changed for this particular concert and this particular person, because it would be curmudgeonly to do otherwise, and she might well have done so anyway.)

There's a version with better audio on there, but you know ... fuck it. That curtain call was necessary.
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