On this night, I break the rules completely.

I had not planned to include this. I didn't see it on original broadcast, and it's not as though it could comply with even one of the alleged rules for Twelve Nights. However, I'd heard so much about it -- primarily that it had made both Carole King, one of this year's honorees, and the president cry -- that I wondered. And then Youtube itself served the performance up to me in its "We don't understand what you want but here try THIS!" recommendations.

And, well ... put it this way. Carole King and the president did, indeed, cry. What hasn't been said is that Carole King is also in what could only be described as "transports of delight", archaic and strange as that expression may sound. And who wouldn't be, at hearing Aretha Franklin perform what could reasonably be called her signature song, and maybe Carole King's signature song as a writer? And, for all that she only did one song, Aretha pretty much tore the Ford Theater DOWN. People, she took off her fur coat, and she doesn't do that for everyone. She didn't even do that for the president at the "Live in the White House" event that was held in her honor. So, really, what else could I do?

Enjoy it fast; I'm sure CBS is hauling out cease-and-desist letters by the truckload for this one.

Items that are more rules compliant may return tomorrow night.
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