Or, stuff that got strongly considered -- and which met the rules, such as they were -- but got replaced by other stuff for various reasons. Some will, I suspect, be mildly surprising.

Well, one can hope, anyway.

Ms. E. is very hit-or-miss with me, especially when only rapping. This was a solid hit. (Purely a side note: my very favorite Missy Elliott song. Partly because I'd never heard her mostly sing a song before, and didn't realize she could sing that well. Also, I love the attitude.)

Er ... you may need a lyrics video version. I know there were a couple places where I was rather startled to realize I was hearing almost the exact opposite of what was being sung.

It's just fun, you know? And how often do you hear an obvious quickstep these days?

Judging from what they say underneath the video, I think they thought Disney would force them to take it down, but it's still there.

And that's that!
nonelvis: (BADTZ-MARU guitar)

From: [personal profile] nonelvis

I hadn't heard "Toyz" before you linked it, and you're right, Missy's got a great singing voice. Also, the song is cracking me up.

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