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( Jan. 4th, 2016 09:16 pm)
So tonight's tunes are a sequence off a concept album -- or, more properly, the concept section of the album -- that should be listened to in order. So I'ma try to playlist this sucker.

Oddly enough, there are two entirely independent "official" Alice Francis channels. One from herself, one from her US distributor (Universal Music Group, the name of which seems to be getting frighteningly accurate), plus videos from her European label (she's German, I think). Thanks to this triplication of effort, the entire first part of her album -- the actual concept part -- is available. More discursion after the wipe ... er, playlist. (If you watch nothing else in this list, I highly recommend the animated "Shoot him down". If you want to skip items, you need to use the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the video; for some reason, they've gotten rid of the actual list for embeds.)

So. Following the concept as it's sequenced on the album itself: she meets someone in "St. James Ballroom", where she is the headline act. Against her better judgement, she lets herself be seduced into an affair -- all that still in the first actual song, mind.

He immediately starts cheating on her. She takes violent exception in "Don't Shoot me", which gets cut off a few seconds early in this version for some reason. (She shoots him.)

THEN she goes back to the ballroom (or possibly an offroad roadhouse, from the look of it) and sings, "Shoot him down", a cheerful ditty about all the ways she could cheerfully kill him for what he's done. Also cheerfully ignoring the fact that she's already killed him.

And then, of course, "The Funeral", followed by what I think is supposed to very very technically be a surprisingly peppy lament, "Gangsterlove". (Note: this contains a repeat of "The Funeral" which isn't on the album, but I wanted to make sure that the sequence was clear.) The "Gangsterlove" video also implies that she murdered him with kinky sex and cake -- sploshing, in the parlance, so I'm told. Though what you'd do with handcuffs and that headboard, I'm sure I don't know. In any event, we know that she shot him. 'Twas death by bullet, not death by frosting.

I think "Sista" is part of the concept section, although I'm not sure. If it is, it's her sister singing about her, worried because, at this point in the concept, she's rather going downhill. As one might after murdering someone, getting away with it because nobody thinks to suspect his longsuffering fiancee, and maybe feeling guilty about getting away with it.

"Kiss My Ass", as far as I can tell, sits outside the concept part of the album. At least, a cheerful ode to butt-kissing (meant QUITE literally, thank you very much!) would not seem to fit very well. But it seems a nicely perky note to end on for the night.

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